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What Is Kids Dentistry?

Best Kids Dentistry Near You

Also known as pediatric dentistry, it is a branch of dentistry solely specializing in the dental treatment of babies, children, and teenage kids. 
Humans begin to shed their milk teeth at the age of 6-7 years, after which their permanent set of teeth develops. Some parents neglect to take their children to the dentist since the milk teeth will ultimately fall out. In reality, these milk teeth are the foundation for the development of permanent teeth. If necessary, precautions are not followed, and complications might arise that will last a lifetime. Dental decay cases in youngsters have increased dramatically in recent years. As a result, it is usually advisable to begin looking after your baby's teeth as early in life as possible. This involves developing an oral hygiene regimen and visiting a pediatric dentist on a regular basis.

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Why choose Prime Dental Clinic?

Prime Dental Clinic understands that dental treatments are often associated with fear and anxiety amongst children. As a result, our dental professionals are careful in managing every step of our approach to ensure that your kid has a healthy and positive experience here. We place a strong focus on preventative and proactive dentistry to ensure that your kid does not need severe dental work in the future.

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Treatment offered to Kids?

•    Dental examination for Infants and teenagers. This includes a thorough screening for oral caries in mothers and their children.
•    Children are given fluoride treatment which helps in safeguarding your child’s teeth.
•    Doctors assist children in controlling their behaviours via habit therapy.
•    Teeth alignment and crookedness correction
•    Cavities and their treatment
•    Dental injuries and their treatment

  • Root canal treatment for kids

During the treatment of RCT in kids, the infection in the pulp, i.e. the live tissue located inside the tooth's roots are removed. Because the pulp stores the nerves of the tooth, tooth discomfort is frequently an indicator that decay has spread to the pulp. Root canal treatment is a basic process involving cleaning the root canals of teeth using the equipment before introducing a drug to keep the teeth in the oral cavity.

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