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What Is
Crowns & Bridges?

Crown and Bridge Treatment

Crowns and bridges are tooth-shaped caps solely responsible for replacing lost or damaged tooth/ teeth. A crown protects a damaged, weak, or decaying tooth and helps to retain its strength. It restores the tooth to its natural size, shape, and function. Whereas a bridge is used to restore lost teeth. They consist of two crowns, one on each end, and a bridge of replacement teeth that sits in the gum region where a tooth has been lost.

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Reasons why crown or bridge is needed?

•    To protect or repair a broken tooth caused by an accident or trauma.
•    When a tooth becomes too big for a filling should be replaced.
•    To place a cap over the implant and restore the tooth that underwent root canal treatment. 
•    To cover teeth that are discolored, misshaped, or improperly formed.
•    If install a bridge over missing or broken teeth. 

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Types of crowns

ITS Prime Clinic offers different types of crowns at the patient’s convenience. Some of them are:
Porcelain Crown: They are the most common type of crown that is entirely composed of porcelain. They are biocompatible, which makes them completely harmless. They have a natural appearance to them, but they must be maintained.
Metal crowns: These crowns are constructed largely of gold and are regularly used. The metal makes them robust by making them strong enough to withstand biting and gnawing. As a result, they endure longer.
Ceramic Crowns: A Ceramic crown is an answer if you need a crown that is as sturdy as a metal crown but with less visibility. They are not only long-lasting, but they also fit in seamlessly with natural teeth, making them invisible. They are more appropriate for people who are more concerned with the aesthetics of their teeth.
Installing a crown or bridge is necessary if your dentist has suggested it to you. Delaying the treatment will cause damage to your tooth to the point where you will have to extract the teeth as the last option. Moreover, leaving the tooth/teeth untreated will lead to serious damage to the adjacent teeth and tissues, causing more complications in the future. Crowns are bridges that eventually help in giving shape, and size and improving the appearance of your teeth. 

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