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What are Dentures?

Everything You Need To Know About Dentures

Dentures are prosthetics used to replace lost or missing teeth. They are made up of plastic material which is more durable. Dentures are designed to preserve all features of the natural tooth as they assist with chewing. They are supported by hard and soft tissue. They are important facilitators when teeth are lost, as they help to restore tooth functioning.
At ITS Prime Clinic, we provide two types of Dentures based on the patient’s condition- Complete dentures and Partial dentures. Patients are free to choose either removable dentures or non-removable dentures as per their preference. 
Partial dentures are placed over some missing teeth using bases made up of plastic or metal. They're utilized to keep other teeth and jaw lines from shifting owing to the lost teeth. The teeth are kept intact with these temporary dentures until a permanent solution is found.
Complete Dentures are used to replace all lost teeth. These horseshoe-shaped detachable dentures are made up of plastic and aid in covering a whole set of missing teeth.

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Process for acquiring Complete Dentures

The procedure for this is relatively long one than other dental treatments. Hence it requires multiple sittings. 
• The first step is to make an impression on the upper and lower ridges. These are used to create a plaster model that resembles your upper and lower teeth-less arches.
• These impressions are used to make a plaster cast of your upper and lower arches without teeth. And then utilized to make unique trays for the following round of impressions, often known as final impressions.
• A final imprint is formed when the border moulding is finished. This impression is utilized to create a stronger cast, which will be used to begin the final manufacture of your dentures.
• Since the patient doesn’t have any teeth, there's no way to tell where your jaws are in relation to each other. On wax rims, a jaw relation is performed to ascertain this. This jaw relationship is utilized to wax your teeth and adjust by inserting these rims in your mouth. The dentures are transported to the dental laboratory for final manufacture once the dentist has finalized the bite, look, and speech.
• The final dentures are thus completed and ready for the patient to wear.

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