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What Is
Teeth Whitening?

Best Teeth Whitening Clinic

Everyone desires to put the best smile in front of themselves and the world. You can attain that in ITS Prime Dental Clinic with teeth whitening. 
Teeth whitening is the discoloration of teeth by bleaching. It involves the use of a chemical agent that breaks down stain-producing chromogens on the surface of the teeth. This procedure helps in the removal of stains from discolored teeth. The treatment usually takes between 40 and 60 minutes. People usually opt for the treatment to remove the stains and to improve the aesthetics of their smile. Teeth whitening is not recommended for children aged below 6 years and for women who are going through pregnancy. 

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Our dentist at Prime Clinic will take a dental examination of your teeth and will proceed with further treatment accordingly. Prior to the treatment, our dental professionals will check the overall condition of the teeth to ensure the dental health of the patient. Only then will they proceed for teeth whitening.
The initial stage in this process is to clean your teeth. After that, they'll put a rubber barrier over your gums to protect them from the toxic dental bleach. Then, a whitening solution is applied. A hydrogen peroxide-based whitening product will be applied to your teeth. The treatment usually lasts between 30-90 minutes.
Tips to keep your teeth clean after the treatment:
1. Avoid drinking, smoking, or eating sugary, colored (turmeric, coffee, colas) foods to keep your teeth white.
2. See your dentist every six months, or whenever they call you back for treatment.
3. Maintain good dental hygiene.
4. Brushing and flossing should be done on a regular basis.

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