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What Are Dental Implants?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Have you extracted your tooth because of a deep caries lesion or lost multiple teeth after trauma and now want to know the most natural and permanent alternative to your natural teeth?

In this article, you will know about a dental implant that is considered the most popular tooth replacement option. Many dentists are placing dental implants in Delhi.

What are dental Implants?

Dental implants are made up of titanium and consist of three main parts

· Fixture or Implant post: This part of the implant looks like the real root of a tooth. After minor surgery, the dentist places this part and waits for osteointegration

· Abutment: This part of the implant act as a connector between implant post and prosthesis.

· Crown: It is an artificial tooth placed on the abutment. Dentists either screw or cement crowns depending on the material of the crown.

The function of dental implants

Dental implants are indeed used for the replacement of the tooth. In old patients, a dentist also uses them for support and stability in removable partial denture cases. Orthodontists use mini implants as temporary anchorage devices for maximum anchorage.

In edentulous patients, the “all-on-four” technique can be used.

What is the “all-on-four” technique?

In this technique dentist place four implants on either the upper or lower arch. Two Implants are fixed on the right and two on the left quadrants for maximum retention and stability of implant-supported dentures. Different research results predicted that implants supported overdenture significantly increased the quality of life of old patients.

The procedure of implant placement

A comprehensive examination should be done before advising implants to patients. CBCT is considered the gold standard examination before the implant placement procedure.CBCT scan provides a three-dimensional view of the mouth. Dentists recommend this examination procedure to analyze the quality and quantity of alveolar bone.

In a patient with bone loss, or knife edge ridge dentist use an alveolar bone graft. Alveolar bone graft is made of allograft which is human tissue that only contains a bioactive dermal matrix. The oral surgeon makes the incision into the overlying gum and inserts the artificial bone into it to suture the area for bone augmentation. After placement of the bone graft, the implant placement site takes 3 to six months to heal properly. In that time frame, the dentist places a temporary crown to main the esthetic.

Mostly there is a need for bone graft in upper posterior teeth because of less availability of bone due to maxillary sinus. A procedure called sinus lift can be performed to insert the bone into the sinus.

If sinus lift is not possible, the dentist recommends a long implant that can be inserted into the zygoma. Because of all these factors, full mouth dental implant prices list varies from patient to patient.

Contraindications of implant

Patients with medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis

The patient on an antidepressant as these medications impair bone healing and may cause osteoporosis.

Patients taking heartburn medicine, these medications decrease the process of osseointegration.

Patient undergoing radiation therapy

Factors associated with implant failure

· Patient with periodontal disease

· Bruxism

· Radiation therapy

· Smoking


The dental implant is an expensive but most valuable

option for natural teeth replacement. In the capital city of Delhi, cost per Dental Implant lies between 20k - 50k (Depends on Implant type & company)

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