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What Is Dental Braces?

Everyone wishes to have a pleasing facial appearance which includes a beautiful smile. However, in many cases, the smile appears weird due to misaligned or improper teeth. One of the most effective ways to correct this is through braces. Braces treatment Dental braces are devices worn on the teeth to straighten or align them to their correct position. They are the most common dental appliances for ensuring proper tooth alignment. Furthermore, they help in the correction of irregularly positioned teeth, jaw, chewing, and enhancing the aesthetics of a person's smile.
At ITS Prime Clinic, braces are available of all types such as metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and invisible brackets. 

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Need for Braces?

Most people are under the impression that braces are only needed to improve the smile aesthetics of a person when that’s not the case. Braces are also needed in cases of:
Overbite and Crossbite: An overbite occurs when your upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth by more than 2mm. In the case of crossbites, the lower teeth tend to overlap with the upper teeth. It can become a hindrance while biting food, but both these conditions can be treated with the help of braces. 
An adult tooth should not have voids between them ideally. However, at times, there is the abnormal spacing between teeth due to a mismatch in jaw-to-tooth size or missing teeth. This can be cured with the help of orthodontics treatment.

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Types of Braces?

Metal braces: They are the most popular types of braces used. Today's metal braces are much smaller and pleasant to wear. These metal wires are kept in place by elastics or a shutter with a lock system. People of all ages enjoy them since they are the most effective.

Clear Aligners: They vary from traditional braces in the sense that they do not require the use of braces or wires. The trays are made of medical plastic. Many people choose aligners because of their aesthetic appeal, which makes them nearly invisible. Furthermore, they are easy to wear and maintain.

Ceramic Braces: These braces come in the shape of ceramic brackets. These brackets are nearly invisible since they mix in with the teeth. Ceramic braces are preferred by teenagers and young adults since they are less visible. Since they are fragile in nature, they must be handled with more caution.

How long does a braces treatment take?
This depends upon various factors of a patient such as the condition of their misalignment, dental health, age, and so on. On average though, orthodontic treatments last from 12 to 36 months.

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